Quick payday loan tips

Are you thinking of taking a vacation? Do you need to fix the car? Do you want to change the computer? We imagine that at this moment you are thinking what all these situations have in common … the answer is simple: they are all situations that you can get to finance with a quick payday loan if you do not have the necessary money.

In this article we leave you some tips to get fast loans online and have the silver credit in the blink of an eye!

See if you meet all the requirements:

See if you meet all the requirements:

Before embarking to fill out any quick payday loan application, make sure you have read all the requirements and conditions to ensure you can meet them. In Good finance, the requirements to access your credit are minimal:

  1. Being over 18 years
  2. Be Argentine or foreigner with ID
  3. Have legal capacity to hire
  4. Have a minimum of six (6) months of seniority
  5. The applicant is the holder of a bank account in one of the Financial Entities regulated by Law 21,526

Don’t ask for more money than you need


The first tip is that the loan has to be consistent with your economic reality. This is due to two reasons, although fast loans do not ask for guarantees or guarantees, if you notice that your income matches what you are requesting, they ensure that you can be charged later. Secondly, when you request a loan you will have to return the money that they lent you, along with interest, commissions, etc., which will make the total sum higher than what they lent you.

Therefore, when requesting a loan, adjust the amount you want to request as much as possible and you will avoid having inconvenience when having to return the money. To know exactly how much your loan is, at Good finance we have a simulator that, depending on the amount you want to ask, specifies how much you will have to pay in taxes and for the service and when you will have to pay it back. So your loan is not only fast but also transparent.

Do not delay payments:

Do not delay payments:

When you take out an online loan , it is very important that you pay the installments within the period you have set with the entity, without delaying a single day. If you comply with the payment later than the contract provides, the entity may penalize you by applying late payment interest, which is usually higher than ordinary interest.

If this situation is repeated, or you stop paying any fee, your debt will not disappear, but will increase and the entity could take action in this regard. Therefore, before requesting a loan make sure that you will be able to do it in a timely manner. Credit has to be a means to finance what you need but it should not become a headache because you cannot pay the fees!

At Good finance we are specialists in covering urgent needs with online loans. If you need fast money immediately, you ask for it and we deposit it within 24 hours. Skilful in your account!

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