Partners in promoting entrepreneurship.


Strong partners

Strong partners

Demand Credit is an initiative of Morage. Morage contributes to a social and sustainable society and does so with a varied range of financing, management advice and services. Demand Credit was set up by Morage in 2012 in response to the disappearance of the solidarity loan under the wings of the Participation Fund. Morage decided to take on this role and thus give opportunities to micro-entrepreneurs who find it difficult to obtain financing from regular banks.

We provide opportunities for micro-entrepreneurs who have difficulty accessing bank financing such as job seekers, young people, people over 50, bankrupt, migrants and micro-entrepreneurs who lack their own input. Thanks to our partnership we succeed in achieving this. The partners below help with Demand Credit to lower the threshold for entrepreneurship.

 An important partner for providing microcredit is the Innovation And Entrepreneur Company (IEC). Morage works together with IEC for the general operation and for the projects ‘Young and full entrepreneurship’ and ‘A second chance and an impetus for a new start’. Providing microcredit is very risky and is therefore only possible with government support. Demand Credit is one of the government measures that have been included by IEC in the subsidy database.


For the granting of microcredits, Demand Credit works closely with the National Fund Inventory NFI under the wings of LFC. NFI co-finances the microcredits. In addition, Demand Credit also uses the Guarantee Scheme for guaranteeing micro-credits, also under the aegis of LFC. Entrepreneurs who make use of the New Loan of the Fund Company (also a LFC product) but do not have their own contribution can go to Demand Credit. An Demand Credit counts as the own contribution, which is a condition for claiming the Loan Company.


Demand Credit works closely with Dekc. Dekc helps and guides the self-employed in difficulties. With a microcredit, this target group gets a second chance to start as an entrepreneur. For example, Demand Credit wants to lower the threshold for financing for the bankrupt.

Other partners in our network

Other partners in our network

In addition to the partnerships above, we also work together with many other organizations. You will find an overview at the bottom of this page. Each of these partners contributes to achieving our objectives together.


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