Credit card a good measure of your finances

What kind of financial situation should you be in order to get a credit card?

In Finland, getting a credit card is by no means a bargain. To get a credit card you often have to pass the stringent conditions set by the banks. So if you have succeeded in passing them, you deserve congratulations!

Not only because you have received a credit card but above all because passing the Finnish credit card terms and conditions is good for your personal finances: you have a regular income and no credit default entry.

Since obtaining Finnish credit cards is not always a bargain, credit card providers are able to keep interest rates at a fairly reasonable level. In other words, Finns enjoy a low credit card interest rate compared to many other countries.

Your credit card often requires regular income

Your credit card often requires regular income

For most, the biggest block stumbling to getting a credit card is that many banks require regular income before they give a consumer a credit card. There are many ways to justify the requirement of a regular income.

Usually, however, the lender wants to make sure that the customer is solvent and how reliable you are

Regular income often refers specifically to regular employment. Even a long-term fixed-term contract may not work for all credit card providers, but it’s often not worth asking and negotiating and justifying: with a zero-hour fixed-term contract, someone who does occasional gigs is not necessarily in the same. . . position as someone who does full-time, paid and long-term.

A pensioner looking for a credit card can rejoice because no income is regular and probably a pension paid by the state. So getting a credit card is unlikely to bother you with income, as long as the credit line applied for it is only well aligned with your income.

Credit interruptions prevent you from getting a credit card


The basic principle when issuing a credit card is that the applicant must master the basics of their own finances. This means, for example, paying your bills on time. If the bills are left unpaid and end up being collected, the consumer is even threatened with a default payment.

Failure payment is not a matter of laughter. Not only does it prevent you from getting a credit card, but failure to pay will affect a lot of everyday things like getting a phone subscription, renting a home, and even getting a job.

Credit information entry usually also prevents you from getting a loan. However, there are some loan providers, such as Svea, which offer the loan even if the credit information is listed. Even so, the conditions are strict: the subscription must not be new and it must be so-called managed.

Easy credit card for student

Easy credit card for student

As has been shown in the past, earning a credit card usually requires regular (regular!) Income and a clean credit record. There are exceptions to this, however, and the biggest group of exceptions are probably students.

It is common for banks to provide students with a credit card if they have a good credit record and 90 credits, or about one and a half years after completing their studies. They are not required to receive regular income, for example from paid employment.

So if you’re a student, get the most out of your status! It’s a good idea to get a credit card at this point, as it’s easy to get one, that’s before you graduate.

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